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"Waar zit je dan" is a way for Amsterdamers to ask where their friends are. The answer is always Kuyl! This Amsterdam bar is hidden in plain sight, located at Rembrandt Square in the city center. It's a combination of history and modernity. Enjoy 15 taps of local and international craft beers, mouth-watering snack boards, and a mix of modern and classic decor inspired by art deco, art nouveau, and contemporary art. A night at Kuyl starts too late and ends too soon.


A corporate event, birthday celebration, or full venue rental? With a total of 250 m2 filled with authentic Art Deco, 15 taps, fine wines, and funky cocktails, Café Kuyl is the perfect location for corporate events or private parties. Our areas can be rented separately. The menu is suitable for both shared dining and dinner. Would you prefer a custom menu? Contact us for the possibilities.

Birthday and drinks in the director's corner

The director's corner is perfect for real bosses who have something to celebrate. Whether it's your birthday, graduation, promotion, or you have another excuse for a get together: this space is for you. A little bit sheltered but still in the middle of the venue. Suitable for 25 people sitting or 40 standing. Just a few steps behind the bar, you'll be just a few steps away from an unforgettable evening.


Meetings, presentations en private events in the room of spells and sayings

Our room of spells and sayings is monumental, 40 sqm and suitable for groups of 10 to 50 people. This space can be closed off with a curtain and has a TV screen for presentations or meetings. The room of spells and sayings can be used for various purposes. It's the perfect place for a drink, birthday party, meeting, or workshop.


Venue rental

The large hall, our dining area, is 210 sqm and is suitable for large groups with a capacity of 160 seats. The hall can also be partially rented for smaller groups. Our restaurant offers numerous options to host an event. We offer the option to fully rent out our restaurant including the terrace and room of spells and sayings. Our furniture is mostly movable, allowing us to create a completely different setting in the space.


You're just to good to be true

Join our team! A night at Kuyl never starts too early and can never last long enough. We are looking for:

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